Make decisions better. Make your priorities pop.
“A few years ago, I was trying to make some big life choices and each option seemed less clear than the last. I did some math. It let me step back and compare not only the options on the table, but also all the backup plans I kept shelved for a rainy day. It’s not just for jobs though. We make decisions all the time, big and little. This helps you make them better, by making sure you know where your priorities lie, and how your options do.” — Jane Doe, deliberating
What are you deciding about?
Step 1. Set your priorities
Add as many priorities as you want. Set the priority sliders based on how important each is to you. Your priorities need to add up to 100%.
I have my priorities down Add another priority
Step 2. List your options
Make a list of each specific opportunity or option you have.
    I have my options listed Add another option
    Step 3. Rank your options
    Rank which options do best at your priorities.
    I have ranked my options
    Step 4. Consider your prioritized options
    See how well your options do where it counts.